Keeping Warm

An Early Morning Chill Run your van’s engine, and the van’s heater will warm the Sportsmobile. At the same time, the van’s alternator will charge your batteries.

If You Have A 110V Hookup or Generator A small portable electric heater will keep you very comfortable. Ceramic models work best.

Propane Furnace (O) It’s compact and installs under a seat/bed or in the bottom of a cabinet. It’s very efficient and has been proven over the decades. A wall thermostat lights the furnace electronically. The furnace uses propane from the standard equipment propane tank. It’s vented to the outside. If your tank has a 7.9 gallon capacity, it will run the furnace around 57 hours.

Diesel Air Heater (O) uses diesel from the van’s fuel tank. Very fuel efficient. (Sprinter vans only.)

Keeping Cool

Air Conditioners

Roof-Mount 110V Air Conditioner (0)

Low profile for good looks. Better height clearance and fuel economy.

Sportsmobile uses the low-profile A/C with 13,500 BTU. It can be located front, center or rear of van. Increases roof height 11″. The A/C shroud is white. It can be painted to match van color (O).

The Danhard Internal Mount A/C is popular for owners that have a Sportsmobile with the Penthouse expandable Top, because a roof mount A/C cannot be used, or the owner does not want to add height to the van with the roof mount.

With a 2000 watt inverter and a 200 amp auxiliary battery, you can normally run the A/C for one hour with van’s engine OFF, provided the auxiliary battery system is fully charged. To lengthen this time, start the van’s engine, then the van’s alternator will add charge to the auxiliary batteries. This will add two hours or more of running time. If engine is ON, you can also run the van’s dash A/C.

When running A/C with pets in the van, we highly recommend the optional temperature paging system.

Running Your Air Conditioner — When Parked or Driving

rev. 9/11

When Parked — Engine Off

When Parked — Engine On to Run A/C

When Driving

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