Sportsmobile Quality
For over four decades we've been known for Quality

Top Quality — It’s Built Into Every Sportsmobile
If you visit us, you’ll see trained craftsmen working together as teams to build top quality van travel homes.
The majority of our personnel at each Sportsmobile plant have been with us for many years.
Our employees are our most valuable asset.

Every van has the owners name on it, not an impersonal production number.
Precise conversion orders guarantee that each Sportsmobile is converted and equipped exactly as ordered.

Who Regulates Sportsmobile’s Safety Program?
To begin with, comprehensive in-production/inspection and sign-off sheets are part of the paperwork for all conversions from start to finish.

After the basic van emerges as a Sportsmobile, it goes through a final rigorous systems testing and quality inspection procedures. The propane, 12 volt, 110 volt and plumbing systems must also meet RVIA’s exacting installation and testing standards.
Sportsmobiles comply with applicable Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards. It’s a lot easier and less costly to make a product right the first time, rather than trying to correct problems later. Not only does that make for a happy customer, it’s the right thing to do. And — it’s just good business!

The Report Card

About two weeks after delivery we call the owner to see if all is OK. Several months later we send our “Report Card” with 28 items to grade us on.
Some of the questions we ask relate to the quality of our sales assistance, product design, materials, seat /bed comfort, quality of manufacture, and overall satisfaction with their Sportsmobile and our company.

How do we come out on these questions? We believe very well.
We ask the owners to be candid in their grading and constructive criticism.
By far our grades are “As” on all items listed on the report card.
We do receive some “Bs”, an occasional

“C”and very, very rarely a “D” or “F.” Quite often the owner writes a separate note or letter telling us how much they enjoy their Sportsmobile.

We place a lot of value on this customer information/evaluation feedback.
Copies are sent to each Sportsmobile plant so they can compare with the others.
Periodically, reviews are made of all responses to evaluate trends, etc.

We’ve revised this form many times over the years.
It’s always been part of our customer satisfaction program.

“One of our two previous Sportsmobiles was tough enough to protect us in a two roll accident — could hardly wait to get this one. Every time they have been great people to work with!”

—Charles & Lisa Harrison

The Bottom Line . . .

“Are you now glad you purchased a Sportsmobile?”
After over 55 years we have only had two say “No”.
Even though some owners were somewhat apprehensive prior to placing their order.

After all, buying a Sportsmobile does represent a sizable investment.
Moreover, about 45% of our customers have never owned an RV and were not sure if they would really enjoy a Sportsmobile.
We believe the real bottom line of our business is, “How happy are our customers?”
If our customer happiness index isn’t 99%, we believe it’s mighty close!

“After years of tent camping, we found the ideal unit for travel-camping designed by Sportsmobile. The quality of workmanship, flexibility in design, and knowledgeable, helpful staff, all combined to make this a purchase we haven’t regretted for a second.”

—William & Lancy Laird

We Believe You Can Benefit From Our Years of Experience

We’re One of the Van Conversion Pioneers. When we began converting vans back in 1961, they created considerable interest.
Everyone wanted to look, but few wanted to buy.
They weren’t really sure what to make of “van campers” . . . or how one might fit into their life style.
Today it’s a far different story!

Ford discontinued the Econoline van in 2014, after 53 years. The Ford Transit has replaced it.

“Coffee, hon?”

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans