Solid Quality is assured by Sportsmobile. Only the best quality materials and construction techniques are used throughout. In process production controls are rigid. Final inspection and testing is thorough, very thorough!

rvia sticker illustration

RVIA Codes The above label is attached to each Sportsmobile after the final inspections and systems testing is completed. It indicates that all RVIA codes and testing procedures have been followed.

Flammability of Materials
All materials comply with Federal Safety Standards 302.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards Certification
Each Sportsmobile is certified with a label affixed to the driver’s door post, as complying with all applicable Federal Safety Standards.

Penthouse Top
The roof cutout is reinforced with specially fabricated 13 gauge structural steel members, bolted to the van’s roof. When the reinforced fiberglass top is locked down, the roof is further strengthened.

Captain Seats
Constructed and installed per Federal Safety Standards.

Seat Belts
All captain’s seats and forward facing outboard seats include 3-point seat belts. All other seats include a lap belt unless noted otherwise.

See chassis manufacturer owner’s manual for information on the van’s safety features.

Cabinet Installation
Sportsmobile cabinets are built with safety in mind.
Cabinet material is ½” corelight plywood. It has high strength, lightweight, and very durable.

Cabinet sides are bolted down through the van’s steel floor using special steel “L” plates. Cabinets are also secured to the van’s sides, and other appropriate points.

We believe that nobody installs
them more securely.

cabinet floor fasteners illustration

There are normally 8 to 12 of these unique cabinet anchor points.

For your safety . . .

WARNING Vehicles with a higher center of gravity such as utility vehicles and vans handle differently than vehicles with a lower center of gravity. Utility vehicles and vans are not designed for cornering at high passenger car speeds, just as low-slung sports cars are not designed to perform satisfactorily under off-road conditions. Avoid sharp turns, excessive speed or abrupt maneuvers in utility vehicles and vans. Failure to drive cautiously could result in an increased risk of loss of vehicle control, vehicle rollover, personal injury and death.

WARNING Loaded vehicles, with a higher center of gravity, may handle differently than unloaded vehicles. Do not overload your vehicle. Carry heavy loads as low as possible.

WARNING In a crash, an unbelted person is significantly more likely to be injured or die than a person wearing a seat belt. All occupants must wear seat belts and children/infants must use appropriate restraints to minimize the risk of injury or ejection. It’s also the law.

WARNING Driving under the influence of alcohol can lead to an accident. Your perceptions are less sharp, your reflexes are slower, and your judgment is impaired when you have been drinking.

Safety, Always A First Priority

We believe our safety record is unsurpassed in the RV industry.

53 years of excellence...and still going!

Sportsmobile Custom Camper Vans