Service Bulletins

Like all manufacturers, Sportsmobile sometimes encounters manufacturing/quality concerns. This Bulletins page is here to help keep you informed and up to date on your Sportsmobile. We recommend checking this page several times a year for updates. These are informational Service Bulletins, not recall bulletins.

Reminders to Sportsmobile 4×4 Owners 1-27-12
Always set the parking brake fully, and make sure the gearshift selector is securely latched in the park position, before leaving the vehicle unattended.

Sportsmobile 4×4 Conversions Equipped with the Atlas II Transfer Case: To avoid unwanted vehicle movement, never leave the transfer case rear shift lever in the neutral position. It should always be fully engaged in the high or low position The vehicle will roll freely even if the transmission gear shift selector is in the park position. Always set the parking brake fully before leaving the vehicle unattended. Always make sure that any cargo is secured so it does not slide around the cabin area while driving and bump the shift levers into the neutral position.

Penthouse Secondary Latching — Bulletin 7-7-10
To: Owners of Sportsmobile Converted Ford, Dodge, Chevy/GMC Vans with Penthouse Top
Sportsmobile Texas Inc. and Sportsmobile West Inc. were recently involved in a lawsuit.
This lawsuit was the result of a very high speed triple roll-over accident with two fatalities. Four other occupants that were buckled-up suffered minor injuries, if any.
These were the first fatalities in 50 years of converting thousands of vans with expandable tops. The vehicle involved in the accident was a “Ford Extended Body” van with a “4-Wheel Drive.”

During the lawsuit allegations were made that one or more of the roof latches failed during the roll-over, resulting in the Penthouse Expandable Top separating from the van.

Out of abundance of caution and as a result of this most recent allegation, Sportsmobile has developed a secondary restraint for the roof.
Sportsmobile will sell this secondary restraint to owners of Sportsmobile vehicles at its cost.

This secondary latching kit is available for Ford, Dodge and Chevy/GMC vans converted by Sportsmobile with a Penthouse Top.
Sportsmobile will supply the parts at its cost of $80, including shipping. About one or two hours will be required for installation.
Essentially the installation requires removing the three existing latches, adding shortened seat belts and reinstalling the latches with the seat belts.
When driving, both the the old latches and modified seat belts will help secure the top to the van’s roof.
You can install at your own expense, or Sportsmobile will install at no charge for labor at any of its three locations by appointment.
Your only cost will be $80 for parts

To order the Sportsmobile Penthouse Top Secondary Latching Kit, print out or use this order form PDF.

Warning: Do not drive at excessive speeds, make abrupt maneuvers or drive under the influence of illegal substances. Always stay buckled up.

AMSOIL Dual Filter — Bulletin SW 12-19-08
Ford 6.0L AMSOIL Dual Filter Mount – “Oil Line Routing.” It has come to our attention that all 6.0L diesel motors equipped with the AMSOIL dual filtration system have been installed incorrectly. The “in” and “out” ports have been plumbed incorrectly causing a reverse flow through the oil filters.

Please refer to the AMSOIL Oil Line Routing diagram (Adobe Acrobat PDF document) for the correct routing of these lines from the adaptor block to the filter mount. The lines should be crossed between these two locations. You can check if they are crossed by tracing the lines from the adaptor block to the filter mount. You will need to check the entire length of the lines as they may be crossed anywhere, even above the fuel filter.

If they are not crossed, you will need to disconnect the connections at either the filter mount or the adaptor block (the adaptor block may be easier to access) and reverse the two hoses. When doing this, the filters should also be changed as you will be reversing the flow of the filtration. An ideal time to swap the lines would be the next time the filters are due for a change. The replacement bypass filter is 11760. Full flow filter is 11759.1.

As with any issue that comes up, Sportsmobile has been very diligent in researching the affects of this incorrect installation. We were very pleased to find that there have been no adverse affects to the motor or oil system due to this incorrect installation. Vans with different mileage and different model years have been tested to ensure that all angles are covered. The oil analysis for these vehicles has confirmed that the oil is within the normal boundaries of the manufacturers specifications. Furthermore, testing has also been completed to ensure that the motor has been operating under normal oil pressure. These tests also concluded that the motor has been operating under normal conditions as specified by the manufacturer.

If you have any questions, need additional assistance, or want to speak with a Sportsmobile  West tech, please call and ask for Heber or Peter.  559.233.8267

Flat Plate Heat Exchanger — Bulletin S-07-01 (4/07)
It has been brought to our attention that the Flat Plate Heat Exchanger (water heater) installed in your Sportsmobile could fail and contaminate your potable water system with Ethylene Glycol (engine coolant/antifreeze). Ethylene Glycol, which is sweet to the taste, is toxic! While the chance of this occurring is extremely rare, we do not want anyone exposed to this risk. The following guidelines need to be followed immediately.

Do not consume your on board potable water or use it for your animals until Sportsmobile has had a chance to inspect and upgrade your FlatPlate Heat Exchanger.

It is recommended that you use bottled water for consumption until a thorough inspection and upgrade has been made.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause, but your health and safety is of utmost concern to us. We appreciate your patience and understanding in this matter.

Temporary potable water bypass kits are available at no cost to you regardless of the mileage or age of your Sportsmobile. These kits will allow normal use of your potable water system, with the exception of having hot water.

Please use our Contact page to contact us or send an e-mail to Liz Feld, If you would like the bypass kit sent to you, please request it in the e-mail and be assured that we will send it right out. Please include your phone number and address so we can keep all our information current.

If you should have any concerns, please contact Peter Deltoro, our Service Manager at Sportsmobile West,

The current Flat Plate heat exchanger installed in your van is a single wall design and needs to be replaced with a double wall constructed unit.

We are working with the manufacturer to have them build the double wall unit the same size as your existing unit so that it is a direct replacement part. We do not have an actual date when these new units will be ready, but anticipate the manufacturer will need approximately 12-14 weeks to begin shipping product to us.

We do have an alternative source for a comparable double wall unit, but because it is a different size, it makes installation more difficult. We would also prefer to have our original manufacturer participate with these replacement units since we relied on their expertise in the original design.

In the interim, the “bypass” kit we are offering is a simple set of cap plugs (end stops) that will keep the potable water from entering the FlatPlate heat exchanger. Installation is simple and takes less than a couple minutes. Once the bypass kit is installed you can use your on board potable water, you just will not have any hot water available.

If you choose to wait for the replacement unit and not install the “bypass” kit, please make sure you do not consume your on board potable water or use it for your pets. We will be contacting affected Sportsmobile owners as soon as we have the replacement units in stock so that installation arrangements can be scheduled.

Thank you again for your patience in this matter.

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