Loads of space for bikes and support equipment. The walls and floor have a tough coating — just hose it out. A high-end sound system was also installed.

Sportsmobile builds lots of conversions for bikers. Here’s an example designed by Brian Loyes, nominated to the Hall of Fame in the racing history category.

“I’ve owned many different types of vehicles, always in search for that perfect one — that does it all. With the help of Sportsmobile, the search is over. This is hands-down the ultimate vehicle for everything from one-day trips to week-long adventures. A separate garage to hide all your toys, two separate sleeping areas,
enough room to stand up in and a van that is easier to drive and park than any full-size pick-up truck. All this plus about 20 miles per gallon. THIS IS THE ONE!!! The LOPES 55 model Sprinter.”

The van is a Dodge Sprinter powered by a Mercedes-Benz diesel with a high torque transmission. The Sprinter handles well with a tight turning radius. Plus it’s economical to operate and fuel efficient. Ford 2- and 4-wheel drives and Chevy vans also available. Gas and diesel.

This Sprinter is the
Long Body (LB). It’s 24′ long. The Extended Body (EB) is 22’9″ long.

“Well I finally did it. I now own a Lopes 55. Yahoo!”    — Douglas Fairbanks

Doug’s new Lopes 55 has some changes to better meet his particular needs. Some items shown are options such as the swing-out TV and flush-mount stove. Note the small slip-through door to the rear (O).

The gaucho converts to a 75″ x 44″ bed, or a single bed 75″ x 32″ wide leaving an aisle (see left photo). The upper bunk can be a single bed 24″ x 69″ or a 48″ x 69″ bed.

The Sprinter’s cab seats have multiple comfort adjustments. If the driver’s seat is not electric powered, it too can swivel (O). A tripod table can be used inside or outside (not shown).

The LB Sprinter is 15″ longer than the Extended van. The owner of the Sprinter used 9″ for the rear “garage” and 6″ up front (equals 15″). No. 1 Recessed shower pan with curtain (O). No. 2 Shower wand can be used inside or outside (O).

Sprinter’s rear doors can swing around to van’s sides, completely out of the way. Door panels can be made with pouches to your design.

No. 1 When refrigerator is installed facing forward, it’s also accessible from outside.

No. 2 The small door Doug added provides slip-through to the rear garage (O).

No. 3 Notice how all the electrical controls are conveniently located.

No. 4 Porta Potti stows out of the way. Or put it in the garage.

One of Karen’s passions is amateur bicycle racing at meets around the country. She can now stay close to the race site in comfort without the inconvenience of a hotel.

The gaucho makes into a single or double bed. The unique platform bed has a removable mattress over the refrigerator.

It’s a very pleasing interior with an open feeling. Big windows all the way around for scenic views.

The unique platform bed has been raised to provide plenty of rear storage space for bikes and equipment. The electric flush Porta Potti (photo below) slides out.

The bike and cargo compartment measures 62″ by 69″. Rubberized Loncoin is very durable and good looking. Note it also has been used on the compartment walls and rear doors.


Sportsmobile has the experience to design and build to meet your special needs and whims, within certain perimeters of course.

For another Bike example that modified a standard plan see the Sprinter RB-160SM page.

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