Frequently Asked Questions

First – what’s my Sportsmobile worth?
We will be glad to suggest an asking price by the next working day. Also see our Web site for examples, Pre-Owned menu buttons.

This is how we calculate a suggested asking price. . .
We use the NADA RV evaluation books, which list Sportsmobiles prior years models, to establish retail and wholesale values. Timing also plays a roll in how quick and how much an RV will sell for. We sell pre-owned year round, but there are two main seasons, Spring and Fall.

For an estimate, please supply us with the following:


Please leave this field empty.

The typical selling process

  1. We will list your Sportsmobile on our Pre-Owned Web page.
  2. We promptly respond to all prospective inquiries.
  3. If a prospective buyer makes a reasonable offer, we will contact you.
  4. Typically, there will be some negotiating between seller and buyer through Sportsmobile.
  5. If an agreed price is reached, we will request a deposit and arrange for a pick-up date.
  6. We handle all the paperwork when the customer takes delivery.
  7. We fully check out the new owner in his new Sportsmobile.

How long will you list my Sportsmobile on your Web site? Until we sell it.

It’s not convenient for me to deliver my Sportsmobile to you. Can you pick-up and deliver? Yes. However, the typical trucking cost is $1.10 per mile.

Listing requirements if we take possession of your Sportsmobile? The interior and exterior must be in good condition and approved by Sportsmobile before listing.

We can help sell your Sportsmobile two ways:

Plan I: We take possession and sell your Sportsmobile.

For Plan 1: Sportsmobile Texas and North will only accept vehicles 10 years old or newer and less then 100,000 miles. Plan 2 has no mileage or year restrictions.

What you will need to do . . .

  • Please go through van completely and remove personal things.
  • Please drain and flush your holding and water tanks.
  • Deliver van to us.
  • Fuel tank should be at least 1/4 full.
  • Complete information forms. Pre-Own Info Form, Consignment Contract.
  • Advise us of any problems/items that need fixing.
  • Be responsible for insurance while your Sportsmobile is in our possession.
  • Let us know what you would like to sell it for – we can help you.

Please bring with you . . .

  • Original Title (or copy of title if you have a lien holder)
  • Lien holder information (name, account numbers and phone numbers)
  • Proof of insurance
  • Current window inspection sticker
  • Most recent recreational vehicle license receipt (if licensed in Texas)
  • Van and Sportsmobile Owners Manuals, and all service records

What Sportsmobile will do . . .

  • Thoroughly clean your Sportsmobile inside and out.
  • Inspect systems.
  • Fix minor items (no charge). If there are items that require more time or parts, we will give you a firm “maximum” price before any work is done.
  • Photograph van.
  • Advertise on internet.
  • Mail info to inquirers.
  • Show van to potential buyers.
  • Act as a liaison, between buyer and seller.

When van sells . . .

  • We will handle paperwork.
  • Check new owner out in Sportsmobile.

Our charges . . .

  • $200 upon delivery, non-refundable.
  • $2,600 upon sale.
  • There will be no additional cost surprises.
  • If your Sportsmobile does not sell within 90 days, we may have to add a $3 daily storage fee due to our limited space.

Plan II: You keep possession of your Sportsmobile

What you will need to do . . .

  • Complete information forms. Pre-Own Info.
  • Decide on a selling price – we can help.
  • It’s very important to thoroughly clean your Sportsmobile inside and out.
  • Remove your personal possessions.
  • Take some interior and exterior photos. See our Web site Pre-Owned pages for examples.
  • Talk to prospective buyers by phone.
  • Show van.
  • Handle sales transaction paperwork.

What Sportsmobile will do . . .

  • Advertise on internet.
  • Mail information to inquirers.
  • Refer interested parties to you.

Our charges . . .

  • $200 listing fee, non-refundable.
  • $1,600 payable upon sale of Sportsmobile if sold to prospect we refer to you.

For complete information forms, please contact us.

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